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Anatomy of a marketing campaign


Seen on : http://mhpbooks.com/mobylives/?cat=170

Anatomy of a marketing campaign: An insider’s look at the Fallada campaign




You can find via the above link an interesting serie (eight episodes to date) dealing with the marketing campaign around "Every Man Dies Alone".


There you can see TV adverts, tee-shirts and some sample of the postcards that were left in various sites in NYC such as the Grand Central Station or the New York Public Library


Postcard 1



















Postcard 2
















On the TV advert, (episode #1) the core footage (the staircase) was shot by Benjamin Ditzen, Hans Fallada’s grandson, in an old building on Jablonskistrasse in Berlin, the same street where the protagonists of Every Man Dies Alone live. (The precise address cited in the novel, however, was bombed into smithereens during the war).


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