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Hans Fallada Haus (Carwitz)

Spotted recently, as appearing on the web on the 5th of January 2015 only, this interesting approach of the Hans Fallada Haus in Carwitz.

Fallada haus_2015.jpg

Please check through the following link :  


We also loved the Hans Fallada "overview" :

The headlines of his biography suggest an extremely eventful, often tragic, half century of a life:

Sustains injuries, kicked by a horse
Contracts typhoid
Kills friend in a duel as part of a suicide pact
Committed to asylum (where he starts to write)
Morphine addiction
Troubled marriage
Best-selling debut novel
Jailed for “anti-Nazi activities”
Declared “undesirable author”
Alcoholism (and violence)
Mayor of Feldburg (appointed by Soviets)
Returned to Asylum
Alone in Berlin written in 24 days
Death in Berlin

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