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New artwork for "Short Treatise"

We recently discover a young english skilled artist, while surfing on the web, named Hannah Naughton. The spectre of her interest is quite wide and can be discovered at :





Coming from London, Hannah Naughton is currently finishing her degree in Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University. She is also looking for work experience, internships or placements. She is especially interested in print design. 

Among other interesting stuff, Hanna Naughton re-designed the Hans Fallada's Short Treatise on the Joys of Morphinism. Rather than paraphrazing, better give her own explanations :


HF_Short Treatise.jpg


More can be seen either on Hannah Naughton's site (see link above) or here :

from there (bottom of the page) you'll have access to ISSUU site, where you would be able to read the book in full (note: no download available - respect property !)

By permission, here are some excerpts of that book which, unfortunately, and for all Fallada's reader disappointment, not for sale.


HF_Short Treatise 2.jpg

HF_Short Treatise 3.jpg

HF_Short Treatise 5.jpg

HF_Short Treatise 5.jpg

HF_Short Treatise 10.jpg